About Us

Sky Line Overseas Private Limited is a reputable company registered under the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and the Department of Foreign Employment in Nepal. With a government license number of 1080/073/074, the company operates under the Ministry of Labour & Transport Management. It is also recognized by the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Internal Revenue and is a proud member of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies.

Led by a competent team, including Managing Director Mr. Kapil Dev Sah, Executive Director Mr. Shyam Sundar Sah, and Marketing Manager Mr. Chandeshwar Mahaseth, Sky Line Overseas has established itself as a trusted entity in the overseas employment sector.

With extensive experience in senior management roles both nationally and internationally, Sky Line Overseas specializes in facilitating overseas employment opportunities. The company has a successful track record in countries such as Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Macau, and others. They are dedicated to fulfilling their mission and contributing significantly to the overseas employment sector.